Two eye surgeries for Palestinian children

For some years now the “Misericordie” of Tuscany have opened offices in Bethlehem to provide adequate health care to the inhabitants, who are facing very precarious conditions.

The new project, which also participate in Doctor Silvio Zuccarini, as the construction of two eye surgeries for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

Doctor Zuccarini operate directly in the Holy Land joined by colleague Marco Allegranti.

The first visit to Bethlehem has allowed us to verify the real operating conditions. The situation is very complicated, there is only one ambulance working on all the Palestinian territory. The patient is brought in Israeli hospitals, but waiting times are really long seen the ambulance is blocked at the checkpoint.

From the point of view ophthalmological completely lacks a screening for diseases in children, also there is a large spread of genetic diseases due to a very widespread consanguinity.

The two eye surgeries will provide an immediate and concrete support for the treatment of eye diseases of children and adults, which will later be extended to other Palestinian town, flanked by a Training Project for staff local paramedic.


Click on the image to read the article about it, published by Toscana Oggi June 21, 2015.

Toscana Oggi - 21 Giugno 2015


Below the interview given by Doctor Zuccarini to Toscana Oggi: