Vitrectomy with the 25G technique for macular pucker OD

Removal of the epiretinal membrane on an 80-year old woman, with recovery of the normal eyesight functions.

Giovanni, an 80-year old patient, had undergone bilateral cataract 2 years before, with the appearance of a blurred and distorted sight in the right eye.

The fundoscopic exam showed an epiretinal membrane (macular pucker) confirmed also by the O.C.T. examination.

The preoperative data of the right eye were 4/10 of vision with the correction.

The analysis of the patient’s medical conditions allowed us to define in detail the surgery procedure so as to guarantee concrete results; in particular, we decided to perform a vitrectomy with the 25G technique for macular pucker OD and totally remove the epiretinal membrane with a 8/10 recovery of the vision after 20 days.

In this way, the patient regained his normal eyesight functions, radically improving his life quality.