Intralasik with Femtosecond laser

Refractive surgery on a 27-year old woman, with a 10/10 recovery of the eyesight functions.

Eleonora is a 27-year old woman fully functional at work, who cannot tolerate contact lenses, interested in a refractive surgery to acquire better eyesight and improve her looks.

The preoperative refractive error was -4.50d sf in the right eye and -3.50=-0.75 (180) in the left eye.

After a thorough examination, we decided for an Intralasik refractive surgery using a Femtosecond laser, a high-precision instrument used to correct various eyesight defects such as short-sightedness (small-medium), long-sightedness (small-medium) myopic and hypermetropic astigmatism associated to myopia or hypermetropia.

The day after the surgery, the patient’s eyesight functions were already 10/10 natural in each eye. Today, after one year, her conditions are still stable.

The use of advanced technological equipment combined with more and more specific techniques allowed us to fully satisfy the patient’s needs, who completely regained her eyesight functions, solving a very complex problem that was heavily limiting her daily habits.