Multifocal and toric lens IOL Implant

Surgery on a 55-year old man with a vision between 4/10 and 2/10, which allowed a 10/10 recovery per eye.

Francesco is a 55-year old patient, fully operative and passionate about sport activities.

Before the surgery, his overall vision was 4/10 in the right eye and 2/10 in the left eye, setting significant limitations to his daily life.

Given his medical conditions, we decided for a multifocal and toric lens IOL Implant able to treat astigmatism and ensure an optimal vision at every distance.

Overall, the surgery lasted 20 minutes under local anesthesia, and after a few days, the patient had already regained his eyesight functions, reaching 10/10 per eye.

The IOL Implant with multifocal and toric lenses has been the best solution to effectively solve the patient’s problems and allow him to totally regain his sight.