Hypermyopia treatment with an IOL Implant

Surgery on a 48-year old woman for the treatment of a hypermyopia problem, which allowed a radical recovery with 10/10 natural on each eye.

Luisa, 48 years old, is a patient with a hypermyopia problem which cannot tolerate contact lenses and impossible to correct with glasses, given the poor eyesight quality.

Given the patient’s young age and her difficulties in carrying out her normal daily activities, we decided to treat her hypermyopia by inserting an IOL Implant.

The surgery was performed under local anesthesia and lasted 20 minutes, during which we inserted a single vision lens in both eyes.

Before the surgery, the vision in each eye was 4-5/10; after the surgery, the patient had a radical recovery with natural 10/10 in each eye.

An excellent final result, considering the patient’s pre-surgery eyesight problems, to her total satisfaction, since she has definitely solved her problem.