How to Prevent Cataracts

Cataract is a very common problem that if in the past could occur especially in older people, but today also affects younger people.

This disease is characterized by cloudiness of the lens which in severe cases can be cured only with the surgery.

The causes cataract may be different, undoubtedly the conditions in which we live have led to a considerable increase of the cases, the ultraviolet rays in particular can be a cause of the occurrence of this disease.

Prevent cataracts then becomes an important aspect to avoid more serious problems, and a drastic reduction in the quality of their lives.

A periodical survey may allow to check the health of the eyes and as regards the cataract, and for any other disease that may progress slowly without obvious symptoms.

In this video Dr. Silvio Zuccarini explains the causes of cataracts and how to prevent the onset of this disease ..