Cataracts and healing times

The healing time after a cataract surgery are very fast due to the use of ever more advanced technological instrumentation which allow a recovery in the short times

Cataract is an eye disease that affects the crystal, causing a slow but pogressiva opacification, resulting in limitation of vision.

The operation for the treatment of cataract lasts on average from 10 to 20 minutes, under topical anesthesia, and allows to insert in place of the opaque lens an intraocular lens (IOL) can lead to a total capacity of recovery visual.

Most patients return to normal life the very next day, but of course it is a surgical procedure must take certain precautions.

Thanks to the operation of cataracts can also completely get rid of the use glasses for distance vision, in fact the intraocular lenses correct various diseases that cause vision problems from afar, like presbyopia.

Here are 4 aspects to be considered after the operation:

1) Periodical survey

The first check-up is done the day after cataract surgery, with subsequent visits for a total healing path monitoring.

2) Medication at home

Once home, the patient will have to instill the antibiotic eye drops in the eye for a period that varies depending on the case.

3) Eye protection

It is important that the eye does not suffer trauma, so you do not rub or compress it, to make excessive efforts. After surgery it is advisable to protect the eye from strong light using dark glasses.

4) Symptoms after surgery

For a period of about 15 days it can be verified of redness or profuse tearing, but it is quite normal symptoms.

The operation of Cataract allows a full recovery of visual acuity, solving a problem that if overlooked may cause severe limit the quality of their lives.

In this video Dr. Silvio Zuccarini deals with the subject of healing time after cataract surgery:

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