The cataract operation without pain

The cataract surgery techniques have made in recent years a significant step forward, thanks to the use of advanced tools that enable a minimally invasive surgery, no pain and rapid recovery of the patient.

The operation takes place in 10-20 minutes, in topical anesthesia and allows you to solve a very serious problem in the eyes due to the progressive clouding of the lens that in severe cases leads to complete blindness.

Through a small corneal incision made with the sophisticated Femtosecond laser, is inserted into an ultrasonic instrument able to crush and remove the cloudy lens, later replaced with an intraocular lens (I.O.L)

The intervention takes place without any pain from the patient to which is administered a anestestico to base of eye drops that can be used with virtually all also in the elderly.

In cases of anxious patient you can use a sedative always under the supervision of an anesthesiologist who has the task of monitoring the vital parameters during all phases of the operation.

In this video Doctor Silvio Zuccarini explains in detail the types of anesthesia that are used to perform cataract surgery without pain.