Correction of myopia: the operation and the course

Myopia is a very common eye disorder that manifests as a more or less serious problems to focus at a distance.

Sufferers of this disease using glasses or contact lenses of different degrees that allow you to compensate for the visual limitation.

A way for the correction of myopia exists and is the refractive surgery with the laser Femtosecond, an operation performed under local anesthesia.

We have already talked about how the operation took place for the correction of myopia in a previusly article, we want to emphasize is that the high-precision laser level is used to correct various vision defects noninvasively this accelerates the post-operative recovery, so that the patient is able to see optimally in a very short time without any pain, will still have to be taken precautions to protect the operated eye.

In most cases, the refractive surgery for the correction of myopia allows you to completely get rid of the glasses, since the surgery, however, there may be cases where it is still necessary the use of glasses rest at certain times.

In this video Doctor Silvio Zuccarini explains in detail the course after surgery for the correction of myopia.