How is Glaucoma: the main therapies

The glaucoma it is a progressive disease of the optic nerve which is manifested by an alteration of more or less severe visual field, whose care requires the application of specific therapies.

In the eye affected by glaucoma normal outflow of aqueous humor it is interrupted causing a build-up resulting in increased eye pressure. The pressure squashes the optic nerve and causes damage to the nerve fibers, leading slowly to vision loss.

Initially, the eye areas where you can not see are small and mainly concern the peripheral part, this leads to a underestimation of the damage so that you realize the severity when it is too late, ie when nerve cells are completely damaged.

For this reason it is very important to prevent the onset of glaucoma undergoing periodic visits even without obvious symptoms.

The therapies for the treatment of glaucoma are varied, schematically we can distinguish 3 levels of treatment:

  • treatment with eye drops and medications
  • laser therapy
  • surgery

The choice of one or the other treatment depends on the state of the disease, if you are in intraocular pressure or less condition to control.

In this video Doctor Silvio Zuccarini explains when used three different therapies for the treatment of glaucoma, how they work and what are the final results.