Below we have collected some news and helpful advice on key issues related to eye care. A resource available to anyone who wants to learn more about modern techniques to treat different diseases, but also a way to share info and tips.

Diabetic retinopathy: what is it and how to cure it

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that can arise even after 5-10 years after the first diagnosis of the disease. It is one of the most serious diseases of the retina and affects mainly people between 25 and 60 years who already have diabetes, especially if the disease is not treated properly. In particular, […]

Precautions after surgery of Cataracts and Glaucoma

When it undergoes a eye operation, of any type, you have to take the precautions after surgery to promote quick recovery. As surgical techniques are always less invasive an eye that undergoes an operation must be protected in the right way to prevent infection or more serious problems, this is true for every type of […]

Correction of myopia: the operation and the course

Myopia is a very common eye disorder that manifests as a more or less serious problems to focus at a distance. Sufferers of this disease using glasses or contact lenses of different degrees that allow you to compensate for the visual limitation. A way for the correction of myopia exists and is the refractive surgery […]

How is Glaucoma: the main therapies

The glaucoma it is a progressive disease of the optic nerve which is manifested by an alteration of more or less severe visual field, whose care requires the application of specific therapies. In the eye affected by glaucoma normal outflow of aqueous humor it is interrupted causing a build-up resulting in increased eye pressure. The […]

The cataract operation without pain

The cataract surgery techniques have made in recent years a significant step forward, thanks to the use of advanced tools that enable a minimally invasive surgery, no pain and rapid recovery of the patient. The operation takes place in 10-20 minutes, in topical anesthesia and allows you to solve a very serious problem in the […]

Cataracts and healing times

The healing time after a cataract surgery are very fast due to the use of ever more advanced technological instrumentation which allow a recovery in the short times Cataract is an eye disease that affects the crystal, causing a slow but pogressiva opacification, resulting in limitation of vision. The operation for the treatment of cataract […]

How to Prevent Cataracts

Cataract is a very common problem that if in the past could occur especially in older people, but today also affects younger people. This disease is characterized by cloudiness of the lens which in severe cases can be cured only with the surgery. The causes cataract may be different, undoubtedly the conditions in which we […]

Therapy and laser surgery to treat myopia

The myopia is a visual defect that blurs distant objects, but does not alter the vision of closer objects. This disorder stems from the fact that the light rays that come from distant objects do not focus on the retina, but ahead. There are several types of myopia that are distinguished based on the size […]

3D innovations in the care of the retina

The retina is the innermost membrane present in the eye and is the key component for proper visual function. When it is affected by diseases of various kinds, can result in severe limitations to eyesight, up to complete blindness. The main diseases of the retina are macular degeneration, retinal detachment, which can be partial or […]

The causes of retinal detachment

The retinal detachment is a disorder related to the detachment of the membrane that lines the inside the eyeball and that memo called the retina. The retina has a very important function because it serves to distinguish the details of an image. When the retina undergoes a detachment is the formation of a non-vision area […]

Damage to the retina: case histories and symptoms

The retina of the eye is a membrane thickness of about 0.4 mm, which plays a very important role in the acquisition and interpretation of the images. Proper functioning of the retina allows to distinguish the details of an image and have good peripheral vision. When damage occurs to the epiretinal membrane may then incur […]

Damage from excessive computer use

You know, spend hours in front of the pc failure to view in the long run. With the advent of the smartphone and tablet the problem is worsened if the first to stand in front of a screen you had to stay at home, now the scope has widened considerably . The small size of […]

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