Corneal surgery

The diseases that affect the cornea may cause a progressive loss of the eyesight that is possible to regain only through surgery. Doctor Zuccarini boasts a high professional level, suited to tackle every eyesight problem with the most modern and appropriate therapies.

In the specific case of the corneal surgery, the Lab performs both corneal transplant and intracorneal implants to regain the eyesight functions. Both operations are performed by a specialized staff with years of experience in the treatment of the different pathologies of the eye.

Description of the operations

a) Corneal transplant

It consists in replacing a portion of, or the entire cornea of the patient with that of a donor, and its purpose is the recovery of the eyesight functions and of the cornea structure that is damaged by degenerative processes.

The transplant can be of two types:

  • Perforated cornea transplant, when all the patient’s corneal layers are replaced with a healthy cornea from a donor.
  • Lamellar transplant, when we replace only the affected corneal layers with equivalent ones taken from a donor’s healthy cornea, leaving only the healthy layers of the recipient.

This allows a quick functional recovery with almost no possibility of rejection, also thanks to the use of a Femtosecond Laser that vaporizes with extreme precision the tissues, making cuts with a homogeneous thickness and getting extremely smooth tissue surfaces.

b) Intracorneal implant of intrastromal rings or Intacs.

This is a new tool for corneal surgery, applicable when the cornea still has its physiological transparency that, however, does not provide a good visual quality of the patient, which can be corrected with LAC or with lenses. The technique consists in inserting tiny half circles made of a plastic material (PMMA) in the patient’s corneal stroma under topical anesthesia.

The creation of tunnels with a Femtosecond laser drastically reduces the surgery trauma typical of the mechanical desiccation with the laminator. The technique has significant advantages such as a strengthening of the cornea, the reduction of the entity and irregularity of the corneal astigmatism of the eye’s central area, allowing the patient to wear again LAC or temple lenses with a good eyesight quality.

Continuous updating and the most advanced equipment make Doctor Zuccarini’s Ophthalmology Lab one of the major centers in Italy for corneal surgery.

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