Glaucoma surgery

Doctor Zuccarini performs the surgery of the glaucoma, a chronic disease that, if it is not diagnosed and treated on time, inevitably leads to severe eyesight impairment and sometimes to absolute blindness. Surgery is the ultimate resort to treat the disease, used only when medical therapies cannot solve the problem and preserve the eyesight functions.

Doctor Zuccarini and his medical staff perform evaluations and analyses to determine the seriousness of the glaucoma and the possibility of an intervention that allows regaining the normal eyesight functions, removing the problem for good.

The symptoms of the disease

It is a pathology that often does not show clear symptoms until you totally lose your lateral or peripheral sight:

  • pain to the eyes
  • headache
  • presence of other eye pathologies
  • diabetes

These are only some of the symptoms of the slow progress of the disease that only a preventive ophthalmological check can detect.

Types of surgery

The main surgeries for the treatment of the glaucoma are two: the Trabeculectomy and the implant of an “Ex PRESS” device. We perform the trabeculectomy in the day hospital. It is a pain-free laser surgery under local anesthesia that lasts a few minutes.

This technique allows reducing the intraocular pressure caused by the glaucoma, and it is recommended in the following cases:

  • Open angle glaucoma
  • Angle-closure glaucoma
  • Post uveitic glaucoma
  • Post traumatic glaucoma
  • Early-age glaucoma and fast onset glaucoma

The draining implant with an “Ex-PRESS” device represents a valid alternative to trabeculectomy in the various types of glaucoma (except the closed angle type). The operation is less traumatic and ensures similar results and, probably, fewer complications than a trabeculectomy.

It consists in inserting under the scleral flap a small, 3-mm long device that allows the passage through its holes of the aqueous humor, thus reducing the intraocular pressure. Both operations are performed with the most advanced equipment by a highly specialized staff.

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